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Residential Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane, Gold Coast & Byron Bay

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If you’re cooling a large home or one with many rooms, residential ducted air conditioning may be a great option for you. Our Brisbane, Gold Coast and Byron Bay ducted air conditioning team are here to help you with any questions you may have, or if you’re ready to get started, with a quality installation. Request your free quote today.

Is ducted air conditioning right for your home?

There are many benefits to having ducted air conditioning installed in your home, such as the look, how it runs and the potential cost benefits. If you’re on the fence about whether split-system or ducted air conditioning is right for your home, contact our team at Eco Air Conditioning Group. We can give you a free consultation and quote to help you make up your mind.

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Potentially more affordable.

Residential ducted air conditioning can be a more affordable heating and cooling solution, particularly if you live in a bigger home or one with many rooms. If you’re ducting air conditioning into your main living space, it’s a simple solution to also add ducting through to the other rooms in your home too, without much additional cost. When compared to doing the same with split-system air conditioners, you’re looking at saving thousands.

Minimalist design.

Ducted air conditioning works by pumping hot or cold air from an exterior unit through channels hidden in your walls and roofing, and out through vents in your ceiling or wall. The vents are easy to paint to suit your wall colour, and are very minimalist. If you want to achieve a smooth, minimalist look to your home, ducted air conditioning can help you still control the temperature without changing the way the room looks (other than the addition of a small vent).

Zone your heating and cooling.

Ducted heating and cooling may run off the same system, but you can zone your air conditioning to have different temperatures in different rooms. For example, say you have someone who works from home. They may run the ducted air conditioning in the office during the day, but have it turned off elsewhere. But then switch it off in the office when they’re finished working, before turning it on in the living areas.

Quiet operation.

Residential ducted air conditioning is near silent. The remote control that comes with your ducted air conditioner will allow you to turn your system’s fan up or down, with slight noise being heard at higher speeds. There is no listening to the air conditioner shut on and off or when it goes into defrost mode, if noise is something you’re concerned about!

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The Residential Ducted Air Conditioning Specialists Near You

Transform the comfort of your home with our Byron Bay, Gold Coast and Brisbane residential ducted air-conditioning services. With just one system, you can control the temperature in any room of your home, from the living room and dining spaces to your office, bedrooms and more.

Our more than 25 years in the residential air-conditioning industry means we can tailor our heating and cooling solutions to your home. We work on homes of all sizes, from studios and apartments to family homes and spacious estates. Contact our fully qualified and licensed team for your residential air-conditioning needs.

Request Your Free Ducted Air-Conditioning Quote

Give us a call or submit your details to request your free residential ducted air-conditioning consultation and quote. We’ll customise your system to suit your home, budget and temperature-control needs.

What warranty do I get with my new air con?

On top of your 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, we also provide a 5-year installation warranty. If for whatever reason you have an issue with your air-conditioning system, you can simply give us a call and we will assist you.

How often should I service my ducted system?

Residential ducted systems: annually, every 12 months

If you live by salt water, ask us about our rust prevention spray that we can guarantee will reduce the rust caused by the salt air and prolong the life of your system.

What is the optimum temperature setting for my air con?

Winter: 20 – 22 degrees on heating

Summer: 22 – 24 degrees on cooling or up to 27 degrees for ultimate energy savings

Read more energy saving tips here

Is ducted air con cheaper to run than split systems?

Split systems are generally cheaper to run as compared to ducted air conditioning systems. The only limitation to a split system’s performance is its small area coverage as compared to the ducted system that can cover multiple rooms

Is it expensive to run ducted air conditioning? What’s the most economical way to run it?

If the ducted air conditioning system is used properly, it should not be expensive to run. We suggest using the zoning option, closing doors and windows when in use, setting the temperature correctly, keeping it clean and servicing it regularly.

Why is a ducted air conditioning system more expensive to install than split systems and is it worth it?

There are more materials involved when installing a ducted air conditioning system, compared to split systems. It is worth it if you are looking at covering multiple rooms from one system. Appearance wise, the ducts are well hidden from sight and the outlets are low profile vents in the ceilings and/ or wall.

Can I download an app on my phone to use as a remote for my ducted system?

We recommend the Air Touch 5 controller that can be used as an app on your phone, wall console, switch or even voice control. Enquire with our technician about installing the Air Touch with your ducted system.

What is the average life expectancy of a ducted system?

Life expectancy of ducted systems varies depending on use and maintenance. If maintained well, serviced and cleaned annually you will be guaranteeing a longer life expectancy of on average 15-20 years.